The MayDay Story

The K9 Nation and all of its entities at no time supports the brutal fighting of pit bulls or dogs of any kind. We love the animal and the breed. One of our Founders contacted the owners at the time of Mayday and asked for permission to use him as the official logo of our organization, which was a one-chapter all-male motorcycle club at the time. The love for dogs and the fact that all the Founders had them made the perfect fit and support of the primary mission for K9 MC other than riding motorcycles. At one time, all members had to own dogs.

When you read the entire story of Mayday and his line of work at the time along with reading, learning, and knowing the history of our organization, you'll understand why we are the perfect fit and he is the perfect logo and mascot for us. His story can be found at... The MayDay Story

We continue to move forward and keep the memory of Mayday alive as well as our own organization. That fight that was in him from his days as a puppy until his later days as a Grand Champion is a spirit that must be possessed by all members of K9 National, Incorporated. There are no exceptions to this rule. It doesn't matter the size, the skin color, race, or ethnicity, every member must possess a Grand Champion Spirit in order for us all as an organization to be deemed as a Grand Champion.

Sponsored Dogs

Baby Leroy

This cutie pie is a Pit Bull/Lab mix or what we call a "Plab". And he totally acts like a goofy Lab. This little guy gave me quite the adventure when I first met him. I got a distress call from an entire neighborhood that a stray Pit Bull had somehow gotten into someone's backyard and was acting aggressive and no one could get near it. Animal Control had been called and they didn't have the time to get out there. So I went to the house and there was who I now call "Baby Leroy". Growling and shaking, it took me about an hour of wrestling with him in the bushes, under the house, you name it, but I finally convinced him I was his friend. The second I put a leash on him, he completely remembered he was a dog and became the sweetest pooch ever. Baby Leroy is a handful but silly at the same time. He can be a little insecure and loves his crate (it's his security blanket). Unfortunately as time went on, his securities grew even stronger and to the point where he is unadoptable.

Dakota & Riley

Dakota (the big brown male) and Riley (the brindle female) are probably one of the saddest cases we've had. We get hundreds of calls and emails for pleas for help. This pair had been running loose in a suburb of San Antonio, TX for about a year. No one could get near them because of their fear of people. As if that wasn't bad enough, they had gotten into a tussle with a porcupine and their eyes, face, mouth, tongues were filled with painful quills. As the good Samaritan watched the infection grow with each day, we were all finally able to network with a wildlife rescue who were able to trap them. Wild Life Rescue Villalobos drove down to Texas and picked up the shy couple. Though sweet, they are still so afraid of people but at least now realize they are safe.

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