K9 Motorcycle Club, Inc.

K9 was actually conceived in Fort Carson, Colorado. The four founders... Nay, Chuck, Shep, & Lenny were all stationed there as soldiers and came across each other due to their love of dogs (pitbulls). They later found out that they also shared the love of motorcycles and at the time each of them had motorcycles with 900cc engines (hence the name "K9"). It wasn't until nearly two years later that each of them were all reassigned for duty at Fort Bragg, North Carolina that the birth of K9 had come. Remember... "conceived in Colorado and born in North Carolina."

Early September of 1998, flyers were posted all over the city and handed out to anyone on a motorcycle about a FREE cookout to take place and talk publically about starting a motorcycle club in the city of Fayetteville, NC. At the time there were only about three sport bike clubs within a 20-mile radius of Fayetteville. 163 riders on motorcycles showed up for this meeting with 125 of them signing up to join. At the next meeting, that number of 125 went to 65 when it was announced that there would be rules established in order to solidify and legitimize K9's existence. Since then, the Fayetteville chapter a.k.a. "The Mother Chapter" of K9 has always maintained 35 to 50 active members at any given time.

The original name was K9 Boys and the members began in t-shirts with matching logos but in the color that matched their motorcycle. Then came the t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts all in the same color regardless of the motorcycle color. It wasn't until about 3 years later that K9 went through the transition and changed the name from K9 Boys to just K9 Motorcycle Club to include going fully traditional and wearing vests. Although times have definitely changed and many things have evolved since the birth of K9 M/C on Saturday, September 26, 1998, one thing that will NEVER change is K9's desire for longevity and success.

Many members have come and gone with K9. The organization has not and will never change to fit and conform to individual members. The members and/or potential members have the option of changing to fit into K9. For example, you can take a quart of oil and put it into a vehicle to help it operate smoothly, but you can't take that vehicle and put it into the quart of oil. Nay is the only one of the four Founders who remained involved with K9 and there has only been one member that has remained active the entire time since day one; "Negotiator." "Buttascotch" is the original and only certified "1st Lady" of K9 as bestowed by Nay. She is also the Founder of K9 Too Motorcycle Club, Inc.

K9 continues to make history every day. Since 1998 and to date, there has been a total of 41 chapters of K9. This number includes chapters in all three entities of K9 such as K9MC itself (all-male), K9 Too Motorcycle Club (all-female), and K9 Social Club (co-ed). With the help of each moving piece of K9, the members, the future of the organization looks promising, but it must always be remembered that "the past has gone by, today is official, but nowhere is it written that tomorrow is guaranteed."

K9 Too Motorcycle Club, Inc.

"Buttascotch" was the only female/spouse who rode with the guys since K9MC was established in 1998. This became a problem in her home because her husband didn't want her riding with them all the time because the guys just wanted to be guys (hence MC a.k.a. "Men's Club") and he didn't want her to be offended or disrespected by the things that some of the guys would do or say. Well, she didn't give up because she knew there were other women who rode also.

After a while there were men who started to join K9 who either had girlfriends/spouses that rode or had an interest in riding. Buttascotch went to "Negotiator," who was the K9 Mother Chapter President at the time and asked him about letting women join K9. He told her that it would never happen because K9 was an all-male club and would always remain that way. This of course pissed her off and she told him that if she couldn't be part of K9 then she was going to join another club. That then pissed him off and she later came up with another idea and that was to be a female auxiliary of K9.

This idea of a female auxiliary to K9 sounded good to him. So, he took the idea to the table with the other members and they were instantly against it. The debate went on for a few months until even after Negotiator was no longer the Chapter President. Needless to say... the ladies came out ON TOP!!! Once all was in order, the first initial meeting was held on February 11, 2006. Her vision and her dream had now come true.

There has been a total of 13 stand-alone chapters of K9 Too to date. At one time when all chapters were active, K9 Too was the largest all-female motorcycle club in the United States of America. The ladies of K9 Too continue to make their mark in history by allowing the engines of their motorcycles to serve as their voice and them riding those motorcycles is what they want to be seen. Several members have come and gone through K9, but there are two, Buttascotch and Lil'Tyme, that have remained active since the start.

K9 Social Club, Inc.

K9 Social Club is a co-ed organization that was officially established on August 24, 2008. Founders of K9 S/C to include the only remaining active Founder, JaZzi, with Demi and Chl8Ti. Surprisingly, the original intentions of the founders, and a few founding members of the Social Club, was to become K9 Too members, but after considering there was something missing to the K9 brand, the idea of the Social Club was then birthed. JaZzi's main goal for establishment of the Social club through genuine philanthropic activities, would become the catalyst for change, for the better for the communities they lived.

Successfully adding to the K9 brand was the overall key anticipation to overcoming and creating a new vision, an outlook on what could be, and where the brand could go. To utterly enhance an already successful brand, but to now include a strong desire to effectively connect with the community and making a great impact for change of embracing the community in areas unreachable by the Motorcycle Culture. Through a great amount of researching, time, effort, sacrifice, and much dedication to the general preparation in establishing the Social club, JaZzi then realized the Social Club idea was more so an advocacy. There a change and outlook on the main component to birthing K9 Social Club would be to positively enhance the name and give the community a different outlook on the Motorcycle culture, increasing the community partnerships and collaborations that K9 and K9 Too motorcycle clubs had already built, but to effectively increase its community they needed something much different and the Social Club would be just that!

K9 Social Club represents the true meaning of being, "Socially defined" which is the motto of K9 Social Club. Being socially defined is believing in social responsibilities; to always represent with respect, virtue, spirituality, faithfulness, trustworthiness, and most of all dignity. To be considered overachievers in all that's accomplished and constantly striving to obtain excellence while looking fabulously defined at all.

The logo's design of three circular links joined together are to signify the unification of the three entities of the K9 Nation (K9 MC, K9 Too Motorcycle Club, and K9 Social Club). Just as the definition of unification, it solely describes the bringing together of two or more things so they become a single unit. This is the tie-in of K9 MC and K9 Too in its entirety to where the Social Club takes into the community to represent all three entities.

Although joined with two motorcycle club entities as brothers and sisters, K9 Social Club was not established to circulate within the motorcycle community. There will be times seen and fellowshipping at various events and activities; however, K9 and K9 Too motorcycle clubs already have a dominance in that culture. K9 Social Club is the link to everything else beyond that culture while keeping the brand engaged and involved with a positive effect.

There have been a total of six social club chapters since its establishment with all but one of them still active at this time.

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